Fuji Deleted Photo Recovery

Accidentally deleted photos from Fuji FinePix F700? Want to restore it back?

Looking for Fuji deleted picture recovery programs out there that will get the job done?

Gone are the days of reel camera now digital cameras are in vogue. The advent of digital cameras has brought in another dimension to the photographers and have however transformed the entire scenario to a different magnitude altogether. Now one can easily take many snapshots and watch their photos instantly. These cameras have saved the time plus money. These Digital cameras use the Flash Memories, Memory Sticks, and other storage devices that give more space as well as portability. Since photos are very important for all of us because our emotions are attached to it and losing them can give anyone anxiety and tension. But one should not get frustrated as thinking of the lost photos because anxiety and tension are the worst enemies of man so, one must keep them away and photos can easily be restored back.

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The Fuji digital cameras uses RAW file format and stores their pictures in RAF file format which is the Fuji RAW image file format and the file extension is (*.RAF). If you are the user of Fuji camera and having the data loss issues then you can use the Fuji photo recovery software software program to recover he lost photos. Fuji deleted photo recovery software is proficient enough to recover RAF files after all the below situations:

  • Drawing out of memory card without switching off camera.
  • Accidental deletion of videos and photos.
  • Damage or corruption to storage device.
  • Formatting of your memory card, hard drive or other storage media.
  • Corruption to the memory card.


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The above situation can also lead to error messages like card error, memory cad requires formatting, or might your camera show the blank picture or blue screen in preview mode. But this very Fuji deleted photo recovery software will easily restore your lost pictures and video files of camera. Software uses advanced algorithm to restore your lost photos and is able to recover from all types of memory card like SD card, XD card, MMC card and flash cards. It works well with models of Fuji camera like Fuji FinePix E550, Fuji FinePix F700, Fuji FinePix S2 Pro, Fuji FinePix S5000, Fuji FinePix S5600, Fuji FinePix S7000, Fuji FinePix E900 etc.

You need to just try out the down listed easy steps to restore lost photos:

  • Run Fuji deleted picture recovery software.
  • Choose the affected drive from drive list.
  • Double Click selected drive to scan. It will list all the recoverable photos.
  • Save required files from the list.

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In these above steps simple steps you can easily restore your lost RAF files. The process takes very less time to do recover the lost data. So, if having the data loss problems then try out the Fuji deleted picture recovery software program.

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